Nov 9, 2008

Practice with Glow effect

Hello, everyone!!!
Today, my topic is glow effect in photoshop. It is very useful effect of PTS. Hope you enjoy it
In order to do this work, firstly I began with radiant tool with brown color and black color. Secondly, I create a new layer--->use filter tool--->choose render cloud--->with this layer, choose overlay and opacity about 30%
Thirdly, use pen tool to draw the curve--->choose the brush tool and choose brush--->switch to pen tool--->right click to choose stroke path--->right click to delete path
Finally, add some glow in blend mode to complete this work.
When I finished curves and added the text, I added some other color by using gradient tool. You could see I added the blue and violet colors to make this picture are cooler.
Thanks for reading. Hope to receive your comments.

1 comment:

Dim Sum said...

The word is "gradient", not "radiant". They mean 2 different things.

For you tutorials to be useful, you need to check your grammar and spelling before you post.