Oct 26, 2008

Sun and moon logo

Hello Everyone!!!

This entry would like to introduce for you about my work which was logo design for T-shirt. I used Illustrator to do this logo and I am not enough professional about Illustrator so this my work is very simple. The idea Yin Yang to do sun and moon came from Internet. My teacher told her students (of course, including me ^-^) search the Internet to find the idea. I am accidental to see the logo of Aikido which is Yin Yang symbol so I decide to do sun and moon by using Yin Yang symbol

In order to creating Yin Yang, I drew 3 circles, one main circle and two circle have to be smaller than main circle. After that, I put two circles into this center of main circle and erasing the irrelevant lines

***note: two small circles are equal

After I finished the Ying Yang, I began to draw the sun and moon. I just use some tools in Illustrator to finish my work. If you look my sun carefully, the sun is so simple. I just create it by using Twirl Tool. With the moon, I just use pen tool to create the star. Besides that, I used the black, yellow, and white color to emphasis the sun and moon

In general, my work is very simple. I will try to pratice Illustrator more. Hope you like my work and feel free to comment