Nov 3, 2008

Gestal Practice 2

With this work, I tried to apply the gestal theory. After I added the text into the flower picture, I used line tool to draw lines and I put it as rectangular. Do you feel your mind will close the blanks between the 2 lines automatically. That is closure. My work looks very simple. Maybe I should try to pratice more...
Hope you comment for me to improve gestal theory. Thanks a lot


Dim Sum said...

You need to discuss your blog postings. Otherwise I will give you no credit.

What were you trying to accomplish with this assignment?

Dim Sum said...

This design is very hard to read. I don't really feel closure.It's not a rectangle, but some other irregular shape, so the lines do not really help.

You need to spend more time with this design and see how you can use gestalt principles to improve the design.

The title text needs to stand out more from the background since its more important. It needs more weight. Right now, it gets lost amongst the colors in the background.