Nov 22, 2008

Creating a Letter with Illustrator

Hi everyone!!!
This entry I will show you my work that is creating the letter "L" by Illustrator software. I created the 5 letters "L" by using Pen tool. I will count to follow the order from left to right and from 1 to 5
  1. That is just the normal letter L. I just draw as a normal capital L letter
  2. I tried to draw the special letter L so I drew the letter L as cartoon style. Do you feel it looks like as leg wearing NIKE shoe. Besides that, I also drew wings as a Greek God-Hermes
  3. I drew the other letter L and after I finished it I felt it doesn't look like the letter L. (T_T)
  4. I drew the other letter L again and I put it eye, nose and legs
  5. Finally, I drew it as Vietnamese calligraphy style

Hope you enjoy my work and receive your any comments. Thanks for reading

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