Nov 2, 2008

Gestal Practice

Hi everyone!!!
With this work, I also tried to apply gestalt theory into it. I used 2 flower pictures, one is main picture and I use second flower picture to cut and paste it into main picture. The color of pasted flower is white and it has same color with the main picture so I change the color from white color to yellow color. When you see this work, which flower are you attacked mostly???Is that yellow flower?
If the answer is Yes, I am successful to apply similarity with this work. Because most flowers in this work are the white so when I added the yellow color, it will make flower easy to identify. Besides that, I also pasted the flower one more, resized and arranged it to center of the yellow color. After that, I changed its color to be green color. I used overlap to make a strongest gestalt.
If the answer is NO. Haizz... I must try to practice more....^-^!
Thanks for reading and hope you comment

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Dim Sum said...

What is the purpose of making the flower different from the rest? What is the message?