Nov 23, 2008

The end of the world with Photoshop

Hi everyone!!!

This is 3 pictures I used to create my work-The end of the world. I would like to show you it after I combined 3 pictures together by Photoshop software

Step 1: Create a new file (Ctrl + N) with whatever size and then fill it by black color. After that, you drag the earth picture into it. Use pentool to create selected field (one piece of the earth picture, it belongs to you)
Step 2: Click right-click and then choosee the make selection-->delete
Step 3: Create a new layer below earth layer and open the cigarete picture. Choose the suitable selected field by magnetic lasso tool
Step 4: Duplicate this layer and arrange them to hide the cut line
Step 5: Use the brush tool and choose the black color. Draw it below cigarete layer
Step 6: Cut the suitable fire picture and drag it to above cigarete layer. Choose the blend modes (color dodge or overlay)
You can add other pictures to make other interesting picture (I added insect picture)

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