Nov 12, 2008

Make up by Photoshop-Good Good ^-^


Hi Everyone!!!

Do you see the difference between 2 pictures? The model on this picture has a pale complexion so I used some tools of Photoshop to make up for her to be ruddy. This entry I want to share with you how to do that
Step 1: Use Polygonal Lasso Tool to choose the pale complexion
Step 2: Image-->Adjustment-->Selective colors.
Step 3: Image-->Adjustment-->Levels
  • When the table opened, with chanel you choose RGB. In Input Level, type 20-1,05-255
  • With chanel you choose Red. In Input Level, type 65-0,7-255
  • With chanel you choose Green. In Input Level, type 15-1-255
  • With chanel you choose Blue. In Input Level, type 5-1,25-255
Step 4: Use Lasso Toolto choose the lip. Go to Adjustment-->Selective color
**NOTE: You can change the number to be suitable for your work.

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Dim Sum said...

short but useful tutorial.